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Spring Closet Cleaning: Tips and Inspiration

April 5, 2012

Spring is here in Washington, DC! We have been having unusually warm weather…much to my delight. All of this sunshine is amazing, but it also reminds me I still have a lot of spring cleaning left to do. I went into my closet this past weekend in search of my favorite pair of Hudson jean shorts and they were nowhere to be found! The time has come for my semi-annual: purge, pack and donate-closet clean up.

For those of you who still have yet to clean out your closet for the spring and summer months, I have noted a few of my spring closet cleaning tips below. Furthermore, to help you get started I have gathered a few pictures of my favorite closets to serve as inspiration. Enjoy!


  • Purge anything that is beyond repair.
  • Take your winter boots to the cobbler for repairs and cleaning and then pack them away. I like to use an under the bed shoe storage container, you can find one at Bed Bath and Beyond.
  • Fold and pack your winter sweaters and don’t forget to use mothballs or cedar blocks.
  • Get rid of anything you have not worn in over a year.
  • Use garment bags to pack away fur, leather and suede jackets.

Closet Envy:

{Plush, Ivory Perfection!  Love the tufted seating…don’t you?}

{I love the decorative glass knobs in this upscale closet.}

{Black, gold and pink…oh my! Looks like a fun place to hang your threads.}

{I adore a gorgeous chandelier like this one outfitted in a walk in closet. Note the sign above the door, “Fairy Tales Do Come True.” Oh my!!!}

{What a great idea–framed designer bag art featured in this closet–genius!}

{This closet is packed and organized to perfection. Check out all those handbags lining the top of the closet, great use of space.}

{Fergie’s closet is expertly rockin animal prints and plush carpeting. G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S.}

{It looks to me like Ms. Hilton’s closet is ready for spring.}

Whether your closet is as glorious as these upscale spaces or more humble (like mine…boo hoo), I hope the tips and inspirational photos in this post help you get started on your spring closet cleaning.

If you’d like help creating a beautiful home or office you love, contact me today to learn how easy it is to get started.


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