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Fashion for a Cause…Paws!

February 11, 2012

If you read anything about me, you will know that I am an avid animal lover.  I have had pets my whole life and wholeheartedly support organizations that rescue animals.  Several years ago after the death of my little Cairn Terrier, Scottie (at the age of 17, yes 17!) I joined Lucky Dog Animal Rescue as a volunteer.  I acted as a foster parent and conducted home visits for people who were considering adopting a rescued dog.  That is how I came to find the two newest additions to my family–Jake and Edward.  Jakey and Eddie were my first and last two fosters with Lucky Dog (yes, I am a foster failure times two!).  They came home with me one weekend after coming off a long transport and I just couldn’t let them leave.  I fell in love with them the moment we met!  They are the sweetest little guys who provide me unending love and tons of kisses.  Every day when I come home, I am a Rock Star in their eyes!

{Here are my two sweet boys on a long road trip sleeping next to each other.  Jake is the 15 pound Chug (Chihuahua/Pug mix) on the left and Edward is the 6 pound Chihuahua on the right. Aren’t they just adorable? Can you believe that just a few days before they were rescued, they were slated to be put down? Lucky Dog brought them all the way from SC to VA to find their forever home.  I feel so blessed that they found their way to me!}

Because Jake and Edward bring so much joy to my life (as have my other pets through the years), animal rescue organizations are near and dear to my heart.  When you get involved with the other volunteers who work for these organizations, it really warms your heart and renews your faith in humanity to see so many people give their time, money, hearts and souls to save these vulnerable and defenseless animals who bring so much love to others.

Given how I feel about animals and animal rescue, you can imagine how elated I was when I was asked to participate in the 2012 Fashion for Paws (F4P) runway show.  As a runway model, I am chartered with raising a minimum of $5,000 for the Washington Humane Society.  If I achieve that goal, my dog, Jake, and I will be strutting our stuff down the runway on April 14th at the show.  Our fundraising web page just went live this week and as of today we already have achieved over $1,000 towards our goal…yeah!

Yesterday Jakey, Eddie and I participated in a photoshoot in my house to create some photos that we will be using to promote our F4P fundraising efforts.   I thought I would include a few of those photos here for you to see.

{Here is little Edward looking somewhat terrified.  He is so squirly it is difficult to capture a good photo of him, but this one wasn’t bad.}

{Here is a picture of Jakey and me in my living room.  I haven’t slept much all week, so these aren’t the best pix of me, but little Jakey looks cool as a cucumber. Unlike Edward, he is so easy to take photos with because he is an extreme lap dog. He just sits and waits for you to position him. A photographer’s dream!}

{Here’s one of the three of us. Edward was squirming all over the place and it shows.  Turns out my little guys were getting sick from eating something they shouldn’t have. They have been couped-up all day today with a stomach bug.  No fun for them and definitely no fun for me…lots of messes to clean up all night long (so much for sleep)!  I am hoping tomorrow will be a good day and that we will all get some much needed rest tonight.}

{This is one where Jakey really looks super cute!  Love this little guy. He is so cuddly and just wants to be with you all the time! My boyfriend’s 5 and 6 year old children fight over who is going to sleep with him all the time because he is just so darn cuddly.  I call him my cuddle-bug! Because he is so chill and can handle the nearly 2000 people who are expected to attend Fashion for Paws I have decided to walk the runway with him instead of Edward.  Poor little Eddie would be shaking in his skin…not good!}

I want to thank Sarah Willis who works with me for not only taking these fabulous photos, but also for helping me learn a new technique for curling my hair.  Having fine hair, I have never been able to hold a curl longer than a minute, but with the technique she showed me, I woke up today with the curls I went to bed with…amazing! Thank you so much Sarah for helping me capture these photos for such a worthy cause.

To learn more about Fashion for Paws, the runway show, and Jakey’s and my fundraising efforts, check out our site!

I’ll be posting some pictures in an upcoming blog of some of my animal rescue work, so stay tuned.  In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to hug your furry friends!

If you’d like help creating a beautiful home or office you love, contact me today to learn how easy it is to get started.


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  1. February 11, 2012 6:57 pm

    Denise – The pictures are awesome. Love the hair. Am mailing our contribution tomorrow & hope you raise the $ you need. Jakey is such a sweetheart – know he will be great on the runway. Tell Sarah she did great. Mom

    • February 12, 2012 1:49 pm

      Thanks Mom! Saw your contribution today online. Thanks so much and the doggies thank you!!! Love you!!!




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