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White Pumpkin Chic

November 14, 2011

A new trend is entering the autumn home decor scene and it’s only as far as your local pumpkin patch, white pumpkins! Originally indigenous to New England, they have now sprouted up in the pumpkin patches of the DC metropolitan area. Good news for local residents as fall decorating is upon us. These fairer cousins of the orange pumpkin are perfect for a new twist on autumn chic decor.

Incorporating white pumpkins into your fall decor can be simple, easy and fun. When white pumpkins are added to a fire place mantle display, a dining table centerpiece, a front stoop, an autumn wreath or a coffee table they add contrast and balance to the traditional red, orange and brown color palettes we are used to seeing this time of year.

A wonderful place to start incorporating the white pumpkin is on your dining room table. With Thanksgiving quickly approaching this part of your home is likely to be center stage for the weeks to come. One of my favorite ideas was featured recently in Better Homes & Gardens magazine, a white pumpkin wrapped in Bittersweet Berry vines. The orange and red berries create the perfect contrast against the albino gourds. Simply place the wrapped pumpkin on a glass serving dish and it will be sure to add elegance to your dining room table.


Another great idea is to frost your white pumpkins. Glaze your pumpkins with silver glitter and pair with silver accessories on your mantle. Think silver picture frames, silver candle sticks and silver frosted pumpkins. You can also transform your white pumpkins into flower vases. Search for a small to medium sized pumpkin, cut off the top, and scoop out the insides. Arrange flowers inside a small glass and place inside the pumpkin. White flowers add an especially clean look.


And finally, monogram your lumina pumpkins. These pumpkins are white on the exterior, but have an orange flesh so they look radiant when carved. Use multiple fonts on several different sized pumpkins and display with candles on your front porch, your neighbors will be in autumn envy.

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