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Capture Your Pet in Custom Fabrics & Wallpapers

August 15, 2011

I was at the doctor’s office last week and had a chance to actually flip through magazines that I never have time to read, and look what I found! In Sherwin Williams’ Stir Magazine was an article about how more and more designers are turning to digital manufacturers to provide custom solutions for their clients. I thought this article was so cool I had to share it!

Digital manufacturing of fabrics and wallpapers adds a personal touch when the subject matter is close to the homeowners’ heart. Pets are a great example. There aren’t many (if any) fabrics or wallpapers out there with multiple breeds of dog & cat options and many that do exist tend to look very traditional and often do not have multiple colorways to choose from.  However, with digital manufacturing you can customize your fabric design and colors so that your specific furry friend (or anything that you want to capture) can be portrayed in a myriad of ways–funky, fun, whimsical, colorful–the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

One website that has thrived off of this idea of custom fabrics and wall coverings is Spoonflower is a fabric website where anyone can create their own pattern and have it printed on their choice of fabrics. Whether you like to make quilts, clothing or want to reupholster a sofa, spoonflower has the options you are looking for. It’s really quite revolutionary and adds a bit of unexpected whimsy to a room’s decor.

My last two dogs Brandi (a Westie) and Scottie (a Cairn Terrier, aka Toto) lived to be 15 and 17 respectively, and were cared for probably better than most humans are as they aged.  Once they both passed on, I decided to volunteer for Lucky Dog Animal Rescue and became the foster mom for Jake (a Chug–a Chihuahua/Pug mix) and Edward (an adorable little Chihuahua)…and yes I failed twice as a foster because once they were in my home, I had to adopt them.  In the dog rescue world we call that a Failed Foster Times Two!  I figured, hey, if I have to fail at something in life I can’t think of anything better to fail at, can you?  The reason I’m telling you all this is because the author of the article used pets as his example to demonstrate how your beloved Rover can be replicated in a fabric of your choice. So naturally, given my love for my furry companions, I had to read on and share what I learned.

{Here’s a picture of my little guys, Jake (on the left) and Edward (on the right) sleeping on a road trip.  Now, I know I am biased, but aren’t they just adorable?  You see why my heart melted the moment I became their foster mom?  I just couldn’t let them go.  As I read on about these new fabrics and wall coverings, I kept thinking, “What could I create that would capture my little guys in a unique and fun way?”  I am still working on the answer, but when I figure out what I want to do, I will be sure to share it with you.}

{Here is another shot of little Jake.  The last photo did not do his sweet face justice.  Can you see why I love this guy so much?  He is incredibly sweet and loving, and is a major cuddler! How could anyone want to get rid of him.  He was about to be euthanized when he was rescued by Lucky Dog.}

{Here is a picture of my friend Lynn and I transporting 9 dogs from Fredericksburg, VA to Fairfax, VA as they make their way from South Carolina all they way up to Michigan (in some cases). This transport is coordinated every two weeks by another rescue group and is always worthwhile to participate in.  I absolutely love doing this type of stuff for several reasons–1) I get to catch up with a dear friend; 2) I get to help save the lives of precious animals; and 3) I get to see how many other people are involved, how much they care, and it renews my faith in humanity!  If you ever want to take a break from the normal Saturday routine you have created in your life, volunteer to run a leg of an animal rescue transport–it is definitely “Chicken Soup for the Soul” for both you and your children (if you have them}

Ok, I digress, but wanted you to fully appreciate how important animals and pets are in my life so that you could understand why I was so excited when I saw this article about how to take your pet’s photo and transform it into a fabric or wallpaper.  One of the examples in the article, shown below, is a black, white and gray wallpaper inspired by a terrier.  Could you capture this pooch any better?

{What an adorable design for a wallpaper! Excerpt taken from Sherwin Williams Stir Magazine. I love the pink chair with it too. What a stylish and adorable little pup!}

{Here is another example of a cat that has inspired this graphic green and white fabric. Both (dog and cat) patterns illustrated by Eleanor Grosch}

This post is dedicated to the loving memory of my two furry friends who have passed on, Brandi and Scottie.  Check out one of my favorite photos of these two below…

{Miss Brandi (left, lived to 15) and Mr Scottie (right, lived to 17, yes 17!) were the loves of my life.  I loved them dearly and still think of them often.  This picture was taken at the Halloween-inspired ‘Doggy Happy Hour’ in Alexandria, VA.  I don’t know if they still do those happy hours or not, but they should as they were soooooo much fun and the dogs absolutely loved it.}

I hope this post has inspired you to think of memorializing your pet and infusing his or her likeness into your home’s decor in a fun and interesting way.  If you decide to create your own fabric or wall covering, please do share!  I would love to see what you come up with.  Happy Decorating!

If you’d like help creating a beautiful room in your house or office, contact me today to learn how easy it is to get started.


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