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Dress Up Your TV

June 25, 2011

It’s sad but true that the TV has become one of the major elements to consider when designing rooms these days. TVs are often a main focus in family rooms, master bedrooms, basements and even other areas of the house like bathrooms and offices (how do you get work done with the TV on?).  TVs are also growing wider, which impacts the visual space of the wall it is on and the balance of the room as a whole.

Just ten years ago the trend with TVs was to put them in large, over-sized entertainment units because we had to conceal the depth of the TV, which was directly proportional to its width.  I just got rid of my gigantic TV last year that was 3′ wide and about 4′ deep and the huge wall unit that housed it.  I was able to donate both to Bethany House, a local women’s shelter we worked with last year.  We were one of a handful of design firms that redesigned a room in one of the shelters Bethany House runs in the DC Metro Area.  {If you would like to see the before and after photos of our work, check out my blogs under the category, ‘Bethany House’ and ‘Charity Work’.)

With the advent of technology where TVs no longer are as deep as they are wide, we have way more options for housing the TVs components–people seek out sleek, minimal media storage cabinets that are stylish and less bulky. With more compact TV cabinets that don’t necessarily house the TV itself, comes the issue of covering up or lessening the visual impact of your TV on the room when it is not in use. Luckily, there are a few good resources to turn to if you’d like to downplay or conceal your TV.

One of my favorite ways to hide a TV is with a TV lift cabinet. We installed a TV lift cabinet in our new design studio and selected one for our professional baseball player client who has one in his master bedroom (hint: he is a starting pitcher for the Detroit Tigers who is having one of his best years ever!).

One of the pros to a TV lift cabinet is that your TV is literally stored away when it’s not in use. At the foot of a bed, for example, this is a great option because it appears as if no TV is there when it is lowered.  And, lift cabinets are great in rooms where there is little wall space, where the TV must sit in front of a window or in small spaces where the TV may need to be floated into a room to divide up the space.

Many lift cabinets also have a 360 degree feature, where you can rotate the TV around to face a different area of a room. I like having the TV lift in the studio because it is hidden and out of sight. There is also the convenience of having a remote control lift and rotation, so there is no need to get up to raise and lower the TV, or pivot it.

{Here’s a photo of the TV lift cabinet we installed in our client’s house.  It sits at the foot of their bed and can also be rotated. This preliminary photo does not show the completed design but does give you a good idea of how the TV lift looks when raised.  Here the TV is facing the sitting area, but it can easily be rotated to face the bed–a requirement for this client.  They had 6 TVs and a projection system before they even thought about furniture.}

{Here is an image of the cabinet we installed in our studio that is also a TV lift cabinet.  It is such a nice piece of furniture that you wouldn’t know it houses all of our TV components.}

{Here is the same cabinet as it appears in our studio with the TV raised.}

If a lift cabinet isn’t a good fit for your needs and just want to ‘dress up’ your wall-mounted unit, you could just cover it with a mirrored frame or canvas that makes your TV look like wall decor when it’s not in use. is a great, easy to use website that shows many ways to cover up the TV, the main ones being with motorized artwork or a see-through mirror.

{Here’s a mirrored cover. This is so much nicer over the fireplace than a normal TV!! The mirror has technology that allows you to see the TV with a clear picture when it is on, but when off, the TV looks like a mirror.}

{This picture shows a motorized art canvas rolling down over the TV to make your TV into art when it is not on. Can you believe that this is a TV?  Wow!}

{Here’s another TV wrap from Frame My TV.  Again, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!}

{Here’s another use of the mirrored technology.  The gold-framed end units look like mirrors now, but easily change into TVs when the TVs are turned on.  How cool and sleek!  Love this design!!!}

Another amazing technology I am obsessed with these days is television mirrors, where the TV projects onto a mirror like in a hotel bathroom. I saw one of my friends post this on Facebook last week and think it’s the coolest thing!!

{Isn’t this awesome? The top photo shows you what the mirror looks like when the TV is off and the bottom photo shows you how the TV projects onto the mirror when in use.  Blue Vision provides this technology.  I can’t wait to find a client who wants to integrate this into his or her bathroom design!}

I hope I have given you some ‘food for thought’ in deciding how best to dress up the TVs in your home and office.  Have a great weekend!

If you’d like help creating a beautiful room in your house or office, contact me today to learn how easy it is to get started.


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  1. June 25, 2011 1:30 pm

    Oh wow. I was bookmarking like crazy throughout this post. Some day later this year, I don’t know when, but I would love if you would guest post this post for me on BeColorful. I know my readers would enjoy it and you.

    • June 25, 2011 1:48 pm


      I would love that!!! I need to start having guests as well, so maybe you can do the same here. Isn’t this TV stuff cool? I can’t wait to share some projects we are working where we are doing the mirrors and artwork wraps. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comment. Keep them coming and definitely let me know when you want me to be a guest. I would love that!



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