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Creative Art Displays & Installations

June 16, 2011

This week I have been in the throws of working ideas for unconventional artwork displays and needed a little design inspiration to help me out.  Whenever I receive a new design magazine in the mail I go through all the pages and earmark the ones that showcase items I want to keep in my resource library for future reference.   So, that is where I started, flipping through my artwork and accessory idea book, as well as my many online resources, to help spark my creative process.

When it comes to hanging art, everyone is familiar with the obvious–to frame a collection with similar size, shape and color frames, hang pieces along the same line or in a rectangle, use the same color mat, etc.  These are commonly known ways to address artwork that are unified and makes a statement. But, the clients whom I am working with, don’t do ‘conventional’ so I am working to come up with some other more creative and unexpected options.

While I am still noodling around which ideas I will ultimately present to my client, I thought I would share with you a few outside-of-the-box ideas I found today to see what you think.

{This family portrait wall is a cohesive mix of era photos and frames…and I love it! Even though the frames and mats do not match, and the pictures are all different sizes, the items are hung in a way to create symmetry and balance.  And, while not conventional art, it creates an eye-catching display that is personalized to the homeowner (and is a meaningful conversation piece)}

{Most people would not necessarily consider the pot covers in this picture art, but this homeowner has displayed them in such a way to make them into an art statement.  This is not only creative, but also  is inexpensive (’cause she used everyday items she already had) and very functional (as you can just grab the pot cover you need without having to rummage through a cabinet).}

{While this type of artwork display is not exactly what I am working on for my client, I thought I would share it as an alternative to the traditional cork or memo board.  Jennifer Adams Design converted these gutter toppers into an art display piece. You could use this approach to display your child’s artwork, display holiday cards, to display reminders or to showcase small-scale artwork.  Check out the project information and instructions are here to learn how to make one for your home or office.}

{If you can get past the color and pattern in this Jonathan Adler design (which is so fun, but might be too vibrant for some), there is definitely a unique art display on the wall in the window nook. Do you see the light brown cascading pieces? This art installation appears to be a series of starbursts similar to the ones sold by Global Views.}

{I like the “Alphabet Art” in random colors and patterns in this kid’s room.  It keeps the room feeling casual and light}

{This collection of silhouette images is not as out of the box as some of my other examples, but I liked it because of the random pops of color.}

{How about this for a family tree? Do you see the tree mural in the background?  What a creative and subtle way to add interest to the layout of the photos on the wall.}

So, that’s just a few of the ideas I found today.  I am not ‘in love’ with any of them, so it’s back to the “drawing board” for me tomorrow.

If you’d like help creating a beautiful room in your house or office, contact me today to learn how easy it is to get started.


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